About Us

Aarya Construction and Design was established in 1990 with the objective of delivering high quality, competitively priced Construction and Construction Management services to our clients in a timely manner which exceed their expectations.

In the span of all those years we have been successful in meeting that objective and establishing a reputation for superior craftsmanship, on-time performance, professionalism and completion within the budget.

Aarya Construction and Design is experienced in Residential, Commercial, and Industrial construction.

We are a local reputable Construction Company with 100% successful track record with zero bond and insurance claims since the company was established.

We team up with our clients and their Architects and Engineers from the early stages of the design to ensure constructability of the project. In addition we offer our clients value engineering, cost saving recommendations and estimates through various stages of design and construction.

We look for potential time saving measures when preparing the construction schedules in order to ensure timely completion of the project.

We phase, schedule, coordinate, manage and construct to maximize safety and minimize disruption to the existing and occupied areas. We understand for our projects to succeed we need careful and hands-on project management, efficient and flexible daily operations to progress and resolve issues with the minimum impact to our clients. To achieve this goal we carefully pick our subcontractors not solely based on their price but mostly based on their skills, experience and their past performances.

We truly believe quality is an attitude. It is ensured in everything we do by our best quality control practices. For us the quality control starts well in advance of construction. By teaming up with the owner, we bring our quality practices to the design team to aim for complete constructability and to resolve any possible errors, omissions and discrepancies anticipated for the entire project. We know correction of errors, omissions and discrepancies found on paper will be resolved at a much lower cost than in the field.   Our Quality Control is practiced by all of our staff at any level of responsibility.

AARYA Construction’s strict accident prevention policy by applying the most stringent safety practices governed by, OSHA and our own company safety guidelines, has gained us a 100% Claims Free for the life of our company.

Due to the commitment we have to our clients and the pride of successfully completing all our projects on-time, within budget and with exceedingly high quality, we are also 100% free of any claims on our Bond.

Our construction industry experience, quality over quantity mind set, strong client focus and can-do attitude make us the contractor of choice.

Bond and Litigation Record:

AARYA Construction & Design Inc. has completed numerous bonded projects to great satisfaction with zero defaults. We have had zero litigation with our clients since the company was established in 1990.

Safety and Insurance Record:

AARYA Construction & Design Inc. has been 100% claims free on all insurance policies. We have been 100% accident free due to our highly stringent safety practices.